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#ECOlogic is the quintessence of the ecological expeditions of the Team Wasser 3.0 of the University of Koblenz-Landau. On foot, by bike or floating, but at least on a more ecological path than by car, plane or ship.

#ECOlogic describes a life form, is a means of communication and has an educational assignment. #ECOlogic makes a special contribution to the ecological footprint and takes place at your home.

The Team Wasser 3.0 is based while #ECOlogic on direct contact to humans, on sensitization work and education on environmentally damaging behavior. #ECOlogic combines science, education and communication, and that close up!

What is the ecological footprint?

The ecological footprint counts all the resources needed for everyday life and determines how much space is needed to provide all the energy and raw materials. Subsequently, this land consumption is calculated for all people and compared with the real space available on Earth. Thus, the footprint represents the carbon footprint only quantitatively, but also the quality requirements of the surface.

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