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Make clean

Think green – Make clean

If one takes in mind the fact that sport, exercise, and health are the essential elements of human existence, and that nature and the environment are the life-basics and without clean water is not possible to live, we arrived at the environmental principles of Wasser 3.0.

Sport, health and environmental protection forms the basis of a long-term development in society. What was always too short, however, was the interlinking of the areas. While sport and health are in direct contact with one another, the environmental protection aspect is always not or as not important viewed.

But what is the reason for this?

Until now, there was a lack of good concepts with which one could identify as an athlete and where value added could be achieved without much effort.

If you look around in the triathlon, we will find, besides many-sided sporting activities, a great deal of identification with nature. The common triathlete loves nature, likes to swim in clean, clear lakes, or rivers, or the sea, takes lots of fluids and likes to walk in a green, natural environment with clear air and peace.

We have to act in order to meet this desire in our training and competition environment in the coming years. We are the ones who can protect the environment.

The project Wasser 3.0, which since 2012, in addition to the research and development of new methods for water conservation, also conducts education and communication work in the protection of the our water, is now jointly with the organizer of TriStar Triathlon in the part of Environmental Protection.

Under the slogan THINK GREEN – MAKE CLEAN the events of TriStar Triathlon will be combined with an environmental protection concept!


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