Holistic nature made by Wasser 3.0!

With the project Wasser 3.0, the team around Jun.-Prof. Dr. Katrin Schuhen is tackling the pollution of the water, or how can a layperson envisage the innovation behind this project?

Research, development, education and communication are what make Wasser 3.0 special. We are not the “lab nerds” who sit around test tubes the whole day waiting for the color to change. No! We also see it as our responsibility to communicate our work to the world. Modern scientific communication according to the principle of research-understand-learn for learning independent of age and education is part of our “Wasser 3.0 Standards”.

This is demonstrated in blogs on our web site www.wasserdreinull.de, through campaigns and activities, which we enjoy realizing at events with our cooperation partners. We also serve the scientific community, but here also so that our publications are available to a broad user group.

With every one of our action points, we try to reach the people, to communicate transparently and, above all, to represent the meaningfulness. We stand behind what we do, because we act according to the motto:

“Less talking, taking action, because water is important to all of us.”

Wasser 3.0 is a project with a clearly defined goal: “Clean water – everywhere”. However, the team is not made up of only young scientists in Landau, but far more a network of small and medium-sized partners, who support us in what we do, enter into cooperation with us and also with their own initiative lead the project to a product.