Virtual Water – What is that?

Virtual water is the amount of water required for example for the manufacture of a pair of jeans or for the steak at the butcher shop or for the loaf of bread at the bakery.

The manufacture of clothing out of cotton has an enormous impact with a worldwide average of 11,000 l/kg of virtual water. 85 percent of the water volume is required for the production of cotton and thereof far more than half for watering the fields. The remaining 15 percent is needed for all further processing steps. Cotton production requires 50 billion m³ of virtual water worldwide and thus 3.5 percent of the entire volume needed for crops. For a little snack between meals, the water footprint is quite substantial! Beef patties of 150 g require the greatest proportion of this water volume (ca. 2,200 l). In contrast, a hearty hotel breakfast reaches almost 1,300 l of virtual water.

Wasser 3.0 Advice

It is time to reconsider our habits! That means that also the consumer, the "user", can protect the water in other countries.