Wasser 3.0 – worldwide

Wasser 3.0 does not stop at national borders and develops economical, tailored, mobile container solutions for worldwide application. What is the difference compared to other projects?

Wasser 3.0 works together with cooperation partners, who, on their own initiative, likewise commit to making the developments they advance accessible to the general public. The goal is to fund a solution for the developing world with every Wasser 3.0 solution sold in an industrialized country. We also hope to serve as role models with this process and that many others will “steal” this principle.

Currently, we are facing the leap into reality. We are planning the construction of the mobile, adaptable system for variable stressor elimination, the installation of the analytics and process technology and then, hopefully soon, an “open house” for the people so that everyone can come by to see Wasser 3.0 and its operating principle.