What can everyone do?

What can everyone do for clean water?

You can also become part of Wasser 3.0. Get involved, because each and every one of us is responsible for protecting the environment.

Start at home by scrutinizing your day-to-day activities, waste prevention, waste separation, and choosing products from your region. Use public transportation and cycle instead of taking your car, not only the environment, but also your fitness and health will thank you. It is the small steps that support the greater good and bring about change.

This includes refraining from the improper disposal of waste or old medicine, but also no longer using plastic bags for shopping, but rather bringing your own bags. Reuse is the way to go.

We have compiled a list in the Fact Check of what else you can do and backed these facts up with the most up-to-date figures. It is worth taking a look.

Support Wasser 3.0

Support Wasser 3.0

You can also support our project directly, But why?

So far the project has only been financed in the research area with research funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi). However, if you consider that Wasser 3.0 is more than a pure research and development project, it is easy to imagine that our individualism and our initiative is not enough, but that financial support is also necessary in order to become active in a holistic manner.

In addition to the process development, a significant part of our tasks is to sensitize people regarding the protection of our most vital resource, water. For this, we need goal-oriented public relations your support.