Too much fertilizer in drinking water

Too much fertilizer in drinking water.

The Umweltbundesamt (UBA) reports: Too much fertilizer: drinking water could become more expensive in Germany - The Umweltbundesamt implies raising the price of drinking water by up to 45 %!

This is due to the high nitrate contamination of the groundwater. More than 27 % of groundwater bodies exceed the limit of 50 mg / l. A treatment is complex and expensive - a price increase for drinking water between 32 and 45 % could be the result.

In order to achieve a reduction in pollutant levels, a new regulation was adopted in the fertilizer ordinance. If the desired success is not achieved, processing methods such as e.g. Electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, biological denitrification or the CARIX method. Which method can be used depends on, for example, water hardness or necessary preliminary or post-treatment. In addition to the process itself, the cost calculation must include the degree of stress and the amount of water to be purified into the calculations.

Prevention is cheaper than repair!

The UBA estimates the costs of cleaning the groundwater at between € 580 and 767 million per year. Of the amendment to the Fertilizer Ordinance would only amount to € 111.7 million and would also increase the biodiversity of the affected areas.

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