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The project is funded only in the field of research by research funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). Wasser 3.0 is more than just a pure R & D project. In the Water 3.0 project, the innovative products StressFix and StressFix2 are developed, which can help us to provide sustainable clean water worldwide.

The next step will be to operate the prototype of the StressFix in a plant to confirm the feasibility of functionality and cost-effectiveness. It is also important to sensitize people to the protection of our vital water resources. This requires targeted public relations and your support.

“Clean water is a human right”

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Without the project financing by the Federal Ministry of Economics in the form of ZIM funds, we could not look at our successful project work, which has been the basis of our application-oriented research and development since 2012.

Due to the innovative urge of the partners of Wasser 3.0 and the possibilities to realize synergies in university cooperation on both sides, we are now pleased to find a cluster structure, which at the same time also offers a closed value chain.

With abcr GmbH from Karlsruhe, we have a reliable partner at our side who supplies our Wasser 3.0 materials in small and large quantities. SAS Hagmann GmbH from Horb and Limbach Analytics GmbH in Mannheim take over the analytical tasks. Process engineering is initiated with experienced process engineers and plant engineers. This task is currently assumed by the Zahnen Technik GmbH in the field of wastewater treatment plant and the fourth purification stage.

Through this hand-in-hand operation, we have managed to create an idea for the product within a short time. Now it's about preparing the real application to get a step closer to our goal: clean water – all over the world.


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ePaper: Brochure Wasser 3.0


Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM) – Website

Wasser 3.0 is funded by ZIM.
ZIM (Central Innovation Program for SME) is a federal funding program open to all branches and technological sectors for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and the non-profit research and technology organisations (RTO) acting as a cooperation partner of an SME.