10. June 2021
Mikroplastikfreie Produktion - Reduktion des Mikroplastik Footprints

Virtual Microplastics, Microplastics Footprint und Microplastic-Free Production

We have once again looked at the definitions and terms surrounding microplastics and our work with them and feel it is time for a few additions.
29. May 2021
Top 5 der Blue Tulip Awards

Our journey continues

We made it to the TOP 5 of the Blue Tulip Awards and are in the finals on June 17 with four other outstanding innovations.
18. May 2021
German Innovation Award in Gold

German Innovation Award

Innovations that shape the future and improve life are considered the flagship of the German Innovation Award. This year´s award goes to Wasser 3.0 gGmbH - in gold!
15. May 2021
Social Innovation Tournament Logo

Social Innovation Tournament – Finals

The finalists of this year's Social innovation Tournament have been selected. Among them, Wasser 3.0 joins the circle of impact. Lisbon calling!
13. May 2021
Blue Tulip Award

Next hurdle taken – we are among the TOP 20

We made it and reached the TOP 20 at the Blue Tulip Awards. The journey continues.
19. April 2021
Impact Festival 2021

Impact Connect with Wasser 3.0

Next Friday, 23.04.2021, the IMPACT CONNECT will take place - starting at 14.00 in the virtual room. What is behind it and where you can find us - answers in our blog.
13. April 2021
Solar Impulse Foundation #beyond1000solutions

Solar Impulse Foundation celebrates #beyond1000solutions

1000 efficient solutions (one of them being Wasser 3.0 PE-X), 500 experts, 4000 assessments, 1 label. Find out more about the inspiring and ambitious movement of Bertrand Piccard and today´s milestone celebration.
11. April 2021
Die Erde schützen

Sustainability and SDGs

Sustainability has become a rather vague term - it might be something like a checklist, a marketing tool, or an attitude. With this blog post we therefore define it for the work of Wasser 3.0.
10. April 2021
Blue Tulip TOP 50

TOP 50 of Blue Tulip Awards

We are among the TOP 50 of the third generation of the Blue Tulip Awards. In which category we have reached this milestone and what awaits us now, that is what this article is about.