19. April 2021
Impact Festival 2021

Impact Connect with Wasser 3.0

Next Friday, 23.04.2021, the IMPACT CONNECT will take place - starting at 14.00 in the virtual room. What is behind it and where you can find us - answers in our blog.
13. April 2021
Solar Impulse Foundation #beyond1000solutions

Solar Impulse Foundation celebrates #beyond1000solutions

1000 efficient solutions (one of them being Wasser 3.0 PE-X), 500 experts, 4000 assessments, 1 label. Find out more about the inspiring and ambitious movement of Bertrand Piccard and today´s milestone celebration.
11. April 2021
Die Erde schützen

Sustainability and SDGs

Sustainability has become a rather vague term - it might be something like a checklist, a marketing tool, or an attitude. With this blog post we therefore define it for the work of Wasser 3.0.
10. April 2021
Blue Tulip TOP 50

TOP 50 of Blue Tulip Awards

We are among the TOP 50 of the third generation of the Blue Tulip Awards. In which category we have reached this milestone and what awaits us now, that is what this article is about.
22. March 2021
Machen ist wie wollen - nur krasser

The Value of Water

Today's World Water Day is all about the value of water. What is the value of wastewater? If we look at it as a resource, perhaps much more than we would assume so far.
24. February 2021
Global Meetup: Das Public Voting bei deninternationalen Finals ist erreicht. Get in the Ring goes further and further

Global Meetup

We need your vote for waters without microplastics and micropollutants. It starts immediately. We are grateful for every supporting voter to increase visibility and impact for clean water.
30. January 2021
Solar Impulse Efficient Label

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

The next great news reached us on Friday. Our Wasser 3.0 PE-X® process for removing microplastics from water is labelled with as Solar Impulse Efficient Solution! This blog post is therefore about the label, the foundation behind it and its visionary founder Bertrand Piccard.
28. January 2021
Overall winner des Global Innovation Awards 2021

Thank you for a terrific result at the Global Innovation Award 2021

Thanks to the votes of so many of yo, we are one of the companies that received the Global Innovation Award last week in the United Arab Emirates.
23. January 2021
Die Mund-Naseschutz-Maske: Ein Müllproblem lauert.

The mask: From lifesaver to environmental problem?!

When ecological thinking and action meet high-tech materials, there is an approach to Zero Waste even in times of the pandemic. In this post of our blog for water without microplastics and micropollutants we do not write about us, but about a health-protecting and nature-friendly alternative to disposable masks.