17. February 2021
Wasser 3.0 optimiert durch die Integration von Digitalisierung die Versorgungs- und Entsorgungssicherheit in der Wasserreinigung. Unsere Forschungsansätze verknüpfen wissenschaftlich erhobene Daten mit praktikablen Handlungsempfehlungen, so dass aus Daten, Werte generiert und digitale Methoden (maschinelles Lernen, künstliche Intelligenz (KI) zielführend eingesetzt und genutzt werden.

Microplastic detection (4/4)

We consider Wasser 3.0 detect to be extremely suitable for raising efficiency and sustainability in all (waste) water purification processes that contain microplastic pollution to a new level. More in this part of our mini-series on microplastic detection.
14. February 2021
Blick auf den blauen Planenten aus dem Weltall. 2/3 der Erde sind mit Wasser bedeckt.

Microplastic detection (3/4)

We need a standardized detection for microplastics in our environment, especially in our waters. How we proceed in this field, could be read in our latest blog.
10. February 2021
Die Presse berichtet über Wasser 3.0

Quick and efficient: PFCA analysis

Perfluorocarboxylic acids (PFCAs) are anthropogenic organic compounds with very unique and useful properties, e.g. surfactant properties and immense stability. These substances are nowadays widely used in many industrial and consumer products. Analytical methods show limitations, a new derivatization method could help.
6. February 2021
Polyethylen grüne Fluoreszenz: Mikroplastik detektieren kann so einfach und kostengünstig sein

Microplastic detection (2/4)

With Wasser 3.0 detect, we have developed an easy-to-use, fast and inexpensive method for the detection of microplastics in water in the last few months. Find out more in this blog post.
4. February 2021
Mikroplastik detektieren mit Wasser 3.0 detect: Fluoreszenz macht Mikroplastik sichtbar

Microplastic detection (1/4)

The detection of microplastics is highly complex and not standardized. In a 4-part blog series, we describe the problems this entails and how solutions might look like. Why we have now developed our own method is the topic in this first part.
23. January 2021
Die Mund-Naseschutz-Maske: Ein Müllproblem lauert.

The mask: From lifesaver to environmental problem?!

When ecological thinking and action meet high-tech materials, there is an approach to Zero Waste even in times of the pandemic. In this post of our blog for water without microplastics and micropollutants we do not write about us, but about a health-protecting and nature-friendly alternative to disposable masks.
9. January 2021
Eine Frau pumpt Wasser aus einem Brunnen. Viele Menschen haben noch immer keinen Zugang zu sauberem Wasser

Water – human right or economic good?

Access to clean water and sanitation has been a human right since 2010. In our latest blog we focus on the question, how to deal with water - human right or economic good?
13. December 2020
Zustand unseres Wassers und unserer Gewässer

What is the state of our waters? An introduction with an outlook.

Our lakes and rivers, our ocean and our groundwater are in many places not in a good condition. More concretely: In health-threatening conditions for all life that comes into contact with it. All over the world, people suffer from too much or too little water. We dare to start.
29. November 2020
Das Meer und unsere Gesundheit

The ocean and our health

The ocean, its condition, and its relevance for human health are in the center of the 1st International Symposium on Human Health and the Ocean on 2 and 3 December. Online - free of charge - open for all.