Research project conti | detect:
Developement of a robust analytical tool for the

continuous detection of
microplastics pollution

in waters.

In our research project konti | detect we would like to develop a multifunctional,

continuous detection tool

for microplastics in water. This is intended to provide comprehensive, harmonized sampling and thus qualified data collection of microplastic pollution in surface water, seawater and waste water.
With this research project we once again bridge the gap between innovative research and sustainable action.

Here, too, we rely on interdisciplinarity and a systemic perspective. Experts from chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, process engineering and engineering pull together to develop a scientifically sound and solution-oriented detection tool that is urgently needed. Accordingly, the subsequent transfer options are manifold:

  • in scientific and societal cooperation projects to protect biodiversity, water bodies and oceans as well as
  • in industrial applications in which not only future regulations on microplastics make efficient and sustainable water treatment necessary.
The project started April 1st, 2022. We will keep you up to date via our homepage and publications.