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Educational offers on the water cycle and wastewater

We have been developing different educational formats since 2012. In addition to new digital learning media for teaching/learning in the fields of organic and ecological chemistry at universities and colleges for applied sciences, learning units for the school sector with reference to the natural and environmental sciences were also created. With NUT Caching, a tool was also created for playful learning in order to involve visitors of all ages in the transfer of knowledge in a practical way at sewage treatment plants.

Wasser 3.0 bookED: The water cycle in digital format.

Among the new, diverse possibilities to make teaching and learning in the natural and environmental science subjects exciting and vivid, independent experimentation, the use of explanatory animations and the installation of digital media, especially for schoolchildren, come to the fore.

bookED pursues the goal of involving pupils, teachers as well as university lecturers and student teachers equally in the development of new digital learning materials in a unique project. The didactic differentiation and elaboration are carried out by cooperating teachers in the lead, as they know the day-to-day business.

Wasser 3.0 NUT Caching: A sewage treatment plant learning experience

NUT caching describes a new form of interdisciplinary knowledge transfer that combines the subjects of natural sciences, environmental sciences, and technology. In our flagship project about wastewater treatment, we at Wasser 3.0, together with the waste disposal and business operations of the city of Landau (EWL), have put together interactive content and course processes that are made available for a holistic on-site teaching / learning experience for a wide audience.

The focus is on context-oriented sensitization and related knowledge transfer. The location-based knowledge transfer experience is developed in such a way that it can be transferred to all municipal sewage treatment plants but also to most wastewater treatment processes (sustainability).

Our educational projects can only be carried out thanks to the support of sponsors and donors. Thank you for the financial and active help in realizing our projects!