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Microplastic-free Production for Industries

With the certification Microplastic-Free Production, we offer you the opportunity to position yourself as a company that takes responsibility in dealing with microplastics and water: For your customers, children, and our planet.


The microplastics footprint of a product is the sum of primary and virtual microplastics generated during its entire life cycle - from manufacture to disposal and related to the entire product including packaging, label or carrier materials.


Virtual microplastics are created by synthetic polymers used in production. Even products that do not contain polymers as ingredients cause virtual microplastics during their production. Because it is not an ingredient of the final product and is not listed on the packaging, it is called virtual microplastics.


Virtual microplastics enter the environment uncontrolled in large quantities via wastewater disposal. So far, there are neither limit values nor efficient technologies. Virtual microplastics often prevent the resource-saving reuse of the process water.


Wasser 3.0 offers economically and ecologically meaningful solutions for Microplastic-free Production. Together with you, we analyze the microplastics footprint of your products or company and develop the tailor-made detect | remove | reuse strategy.


After analyzing the actual situation with Wasser 3.0 detect, the implementation of Wasser 3. 0 remove and reuse removes microplastics from your water and reuses them in a value-added manner. The treated process water can also be reused.


The optimal interaction within our Wasser 3.0 detect | remove | reuse strategy delivers ECO³: (1) Saving water, energy, and costs. (2) Reducing waste. (3) Improving water quality.


As a non-profit company, Wasser 3.0 offers the opportunity to compensate for any virtual microplastics that cannot be removed or primary microplastics that cannot be replaced in a meaningful way elsewhere, e.g., through our educational projects.


After the successful implementation of Wasser 3.0 detect | remove | reuse you receive the Microplastic-Free Production certification. With this, you make a measurable contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals!