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Feedback & Testimonials

We were looking for a solution for microplastics. We got the Sustainability Upgrade: Our process reached a new level of ecological and economic efficiency in a short time thanks to Wasser 3.0.

Early Adopter

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, "Wasser 3.0" has made it its ambitious goal to make an important contribution to tackling the global water crisis.

Planet Hero Award

With its exceptional concept, Wasser 3.0 gGmbH makes a major contribution to climate and nature protection and has a positive impact on health and biodiversity.

Next Economy Award

The solutions developed by Wasser 3.0 are affordable and easy to integrate, while at the same time being modular, scalable and low-maintenance. An exemplary non-profit initiative that is committed to tackling a global problem.

German Innovation Award

The technology is straightforward and simple to implement.

Solar Impulse Foundation

From a chemistry point of view, this is so fascinating… You can remove very small particles in a very efficient way.

Aquatech Innovation Award in the Category Green Chemicals for Water

At Isle, we love to engage innovative concepts and technologies which address water sector challenges. After becoming familiar with Wasser 3.0 across several projects, it is truly exciting to observe their approaches and developments in tackling the major challenge of microplastics in water, and look forward to seeing and supporting their innovative solutions see further success.

Stuart Woolley - Technologie Beratung Isle Utilities

Every year since 2012, the EIB Institute has organised an annual competition — the Social Innovation Tournament — to select the most impactful social, environmental and ethical entrepreneurs in Europe. In 2021, Wasser 3.0 — with their technology enabling a new level of environmental and health protection in wastewater treatment — was among the 15 finalists selected from more than 200 solutions. We will continue our support for Wasser 3.0 through our SIT Alumni, because we believe they are among the best environmental entrepreneurs and innovators in Europe. They change tomorrow today, by building a better world!

Maria Luisa Ferreira - Head of Social - European Investment Bank