Welcome to
Team WASoMI!

We bring our expertise in microplastics and our commitment to environmental protection into the classroom. We are convinced: Together with teachers, students, and pupils we can do a lot more for

waters without microplastics

. We create the basis in our pilot project launched in June 2021 and bring together research, technology and education in "Team WASoMI" (WASser ohne MIkroplastik in German, translates into waters without microplastics). Knowledge transfer meets action as much as impact. And vice versa.
Schools are ideal places to kick-off sustainable action

Sustainable action needs problem awareness and answers to the questions why and how changes are necessary and possible. But knowledge alone is not enough. It takes A-HA moments that transform knowledge into understanding and give us the inner drive to become active. In order to achieve this, we combine in our educational project

Team WASoMI the best of different worlds

: Real and virtual working spaces, individual and collective learning, well-founded knowledge transfer and concrete action, innovative technology and a noticeable connectedness to nature.

digital-real life experience space

of Team WASoMI

Part of the project


is the digital-real life experience space “From everyday helper to environmental problem”, that builds on the active participation of the pupils. It offers many opportunities to build contextualized and systemic knowledge about plastics, microplastics and environmental protection. This approach creates a high level of variability in learning environment and knowledge transfer, enables diverse interactions and a connection to one's own everyday life.
Research in Team WASoMI

Our educational project Team WASoMI gets its innovative character from its construction as an interactive experience space around microplastics. Its participatory character arises in the second part of the project, which creates the direct

experimental reference

to our research for waters without microplastics. For this purpose, we develop an analysis kit based on Wasser 3.0 detect for use in different water bodies. It enables students to independently research microplastics and microplastics in water at home or any other place. They collect data, document it in the virtual learning room and discuss and reflect on their findings and experiences in their class as well as with other participating classes in Team WASoMI.

Our vision for Team WASoMI

Thanks to this

pilot project

, we can lay the foundation for envisioned

collaboration with schools, environmental organizations and interested citizens

as part of Team WASoMI. Following this pilot project, with probably four classes in the 6th - 8th grade, we will start national and international scaling. Our

digital-real life educational tool

is constantly being developed and should also be translated into other languages.

Our very big goal: The (standardized) data collection by

participants in Team WASoMI

with our specially developed analysis kit leads to a Global Map of Microplastics, which documents the microplastic pollution of worldwide waters (with comparable data).