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Data and process analysis for water without microplastics and micropollutants

Your data is the lever

Water that is contaminated with polymers, chemicals, microplastics or micropollutants is highly diverse in its properties. Equally different are the processes in which they are used and the procedures by which they are treated.

Therefore, our top priority is always a comprehensive and scientifically based analysis of the water. Our focus is on municipal wastewater (keyword 4th cleaning stage) and on industrial process water. But also the analysis of surface water and seawater is possible.

We have our own service lab for the analysis of microplastic pollution, in which we use Wasser 3.0 detect. We cooperate with independent laboratories for cross-evaluations and in the analysis of micropollutant loads. If you already have data records, we of course work with them.

Depending on your question and goal definition, we work with you to create a coherent data evaluation package:

  • Development of comparative single and sum parameter analysis,
  • Evaluation and assessment of microplastic and micropollutant loads in water.

The second step is the systematic process analysis and on-site inspection of your systems. There are several ways in which we can best optimize your process based on your data. We introduce them to you here.

We work with the latest scientific findings and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals with full commitment to waters without microplastics and micropollutants.

Benefit from more than 15 years of expertise in polymer chemistry, (waste) water technology, environmental technology and environmental sciences!

We are here for you to make an assessment of your specific question. To do this, please fill out this checklist and send us an email with a suggested date for a non-binding initial consultation (30 minutes).