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12. July 2022

We are on summer break

Cooling down, clearing heads, sorting thoughts. With a breath of fresh air and a ton of new ideas, updates and comments, our blog will be back in September.
30. June 2022

Partners in Mission abcr

In this blog post we have the honour to present the partner in mission without whom Wasser 3.0 would not be Wasser 3.0. abcr GmbH has been by our side since our first attempts at water treatment with hybrid silica gels. In many projects we have been able to combine our know-how, our drive and our visions and open up completely new paths.
14. June 2022

German Brand Awards 2022

This year's winners of the German Brand Award, one of the most important Marketing Awards, have been chosen. And we are among the winners. In our current blog, we take a look behind the scenes and provide insights into the somewhat different path that led to two German Brand Awards.