Overview of our educational projects on water without microplastics

With our educational work we want to close knowledge gaps so we can take more effective action against microplastic pollution of our water . The goal in all our activities is: WASser without MIcroplastics WASoMI (which appropriately means scholar in the African language Kiswahili).

The aim is both to communicate knowledge about microplastics and to prepare the content in such a way to understand the relevance to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In doing so, we rely on developing digital possibilities, which are increasingly being used in schools. We are still a very young company (founded in 2020), so our educational work is currently possible thanks to the support and encouragement of our sponsors and donors.

We finance our educational projects through donations and sponsorship. And we are always on the lookout for active, impact-accelerating financial support. Does this sound exciting to you? Then become part of the solution.

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16. April 2024

EU Urban Wastewater Directive adopted in April

The EU Urban Wastewater Directive (UWWTD for short) was adopted by the European Parliament at the beginning of April 2024. Among other things, it aims to remove microplastics and micropollutants from our wastewater and increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants in a cost-effective manner. The keywords here are also: Resource conservation, water quality, circular economy, energy efficiency and sustainability. But what is the roadmap for this? We have taken the Wasser 3.0 perspective.
8. April 2024

Our blog about water without microplastics

We want to stop the uncontrolled pollution of our water with microplastics and micropollutants. In our blog posts, we describe step by step why it is high time to do so and how we want to achieve this. We focus on current information and always keep an eye on the latest opinions and curiosities.
1. April 2024

Sustainable education and knowledge transfer

On the trail of the WHY.... The world is becoming ever more dynamic. The role and function of education and training (school, work, everyday life) is becoming increasingly important. The aim is to offer complexity-reducing transfer tasks and provide assistance in order to be able to argue and act on the basis of facts in the search for answers to pressing questions. This is all quite complex and requires some optimization and adaptation. A look behind the scenes of WASoMI.