Rethinking water, microplastics and micropollutants sustainably

Health-endangering and highly complex environmental problems need responsible research and solutions. Now.

Wasser 3.0 pursues the goal of

countering global water pollution by microplastics and micropollutants

in a meaningful way with

responsible research and innovation


In doing so, we focus in particular on

the sustainability goals of the United Nations

with these key points:

  • Long-term protection of water as a habitat or as a central element of habitats.
  • Securing the various facets of water as a resource for both current and future generations.
  • Creation of options for sustainable, environmentally compatible, economic and social development.
About Us


Wasser 3.0 is a non-profit GmbH (gGmbH)

. This framework is critical to the way we work. We think he suits us best because

  • a non-profit GmbH works with an entrepreneurial spirit and at the same time non-profit, i.e. without the shareholders' commercial self-interest.
  • our profits have to directly be reinvest into the implementation of our statutory mandate, so that we can initiate further really meaningful actions.
  • We are exempt from corporation and trade tax on the part of the tax office and are allowed to accept donations.

In this way, we enable absolute transparency about our attitude, interests and activities internally and externally


We work geared towards the wellbeing of the environment and society


Because water concers us all


We are looking for new ways to conduct responsible research and Use effective solutions for clean water.

We make an active contribution to environmental and

climate protection

as well as

human health and the sustainability of our planet


We are an

interdisciplinary, highly motivated and ambitious team

One of our goals is to bring

efficiency and sustainability in (waste) water treatment to a new level


Dr. Katrin Schuhen

Founder & CEO

PhD in Chemistry

Silke Haubensak


M.A. Cultural Anthropology

Michael Sturm

Research & Development

M.Sc. Environmental Sciences

Dennis Schober

Innovation & Transfer

Master in wastewater technology

We are researchers, developers, innovators, initiators, mediators, fillers, trainers, coaches and / or representatives.
With a clear attitude for responsible research and innovation.