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That is us - that is Wasser 3.0

Our 5 principles for water without microplastics and micropollutants


  • Access to clean and safe water is a human right. We consider purely commercial, profit-oriented action to be neither appropriate nor expedient for securing the most important resource on this planet.
  • Our entrepreneurial added value relates to the overall social context of clean water - under primarily ecological and social aspects. We need functioning and available solutions that are embedded in future-proof transformations of general production and consumption logic and that make concrete contributions to the achievement of the UN sustainability goals.
  • We do GreenTech. Our solutions and approaches are subject to the claim to be maximally efficient, easy to use, inexpensive, transparent, and sustainable. They should enable microplastics and micropollutants to be removed from water wherever it is necessary and useful.
  • We are sustainability entrepreneurs. We work as part of a non-profit GmbH focused on the common good. We immediately reinvest our profits in more impact.
  • Everything relates to everything, influences, and stimulates each other. We think and act beyond silos and individual interests in a radically impact-oriented manner. We systematically align responsible research and green innovation and link them directly with transparent communication, committed information and sustainable education.