Flexible or project-related donations

With Wasser 3.0, you decide where your donation should go.

However, one thing is always clear: 100% of your donations will support the projects of Wasser 3.0.

Here, you can find out how you can donate.

We appreciate every donation that supports our projects. We offer you the option of classic bank transfers.

You can find the account information here:

Name of the bank: Baden-Württembergische Bank
IBAN: DE 67 6005 0101 0405 3293 55

Account holder: Wasser 3.0 gemeinnuetzige GmbH

You can also support us via PayPal:

By the way: Donations are fully tax-deductible. Up to the limit of 200 euros per year, it is sufficient to submit the account statement to the tax office (section 50 (2) no. 2 letter b of the EStDV). We are happy to issue a donation receipt for contributions of more than 200 euros per year. This will be sent to you in January of the following year. To send a donation receipt, please indicate your address in the purpose.
Become part of our mission: Clean water - worldwide and help us to press the right buttons so that we can achieve our goals.

Every cent counts.

Pursuing goals - together. Protecting the environment - together.
Making the world a little better - together.

Transparent communication - everywhere

For us at Wasser 3.0, transparency is particularly important: Donors and sponsors should find out what happens with the donations. To guarantee this, Wasser 3.0 adheres to binding regulations.

Among other things, we are committed to working transparently, economizing and providing factual information.

Wasser 3.0 is active worldwide

  • Economical and effective: We guarantee that we use the financial means for our projects.
  • Transparency and openness: We communicate openly and transparently about the projects, their contents and their progress.
  • Promoting young people and transferring education: We open our doors to the transfer of research and education and open up new paths for the future-oriented development of young people.

We thank all sponsors and supporters who support Wasser 3.0 on the way to clean water worldwide.