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More knowledge for a better view on water, microplastics and micropollutants

Knowledge and deep dives into specific topics are very important to Wasser 3.0. Only knowledge provides a view of the concrete challenges that have been mastered and options for action that should be taken - for water without microplastics and micropollutants.

One question we ask ourselves is: How do we get water free from microplastics and micropollutants as quickly as possible and worldwide?

Our answer to this is holistic and systemic: By identifying as many levers as possible for water without microplastics and micropollutants and setting them in motion in a meaningful way.

What do we need for that? More than science and technology. Shared knowledge, common goals, nature-friendly action. From individuals and society. Locally and globally. National and international.

The way to water without microplastics and micropollutants is one of many small, concrete steps in the 'right' direction. Our knowledge pages should serve as a guide: Independent, scientifically founded, and useful for all those who want to make their contribution to clean and safe water.

Solutions and approaches beyond silos, for the common

Wasser 3.0 meets existing and future challenges relating to water pollution and water purification with responsible research, green innovation, transparent communication and extensive educational work.

We work beyond silos - closely interlinked in the areas of research, technology, education, and communication and under the umbrella of a non-profit company.

The healthy and livable future of the environment and mankind is always our top priority. Access to clean and safe water is a human right that we advocate. The sustainability goals of the United Nations are the yardstick for our actions.

Our knowledge section is about bringing together interdisciplinary, agile, and responsible research and working methods as well as transparent scientific and everyday communication about our work and findings.

In addition, we are concerned with:

  • contribution to socio-political education and advice,
  • the installation of dialogue and networking formats for stakeholders,
  • the realization of sustainable educational projects and
  • future-oriented promotion of young talent and experts.

Aspects such as collective intelligence, joint learning, communication at eye level as well as participatory and digital (blended) formats are the basis of our educational work.


We come to you and answer your questions. In exchange, new options for action arise and knowledge transfer helps to draw the right conclusions and identify options. Ask about free dates and get in touch with us.