Innovative Microplastic Removal Technology Wasser 3.0 PE-X®

Removing microplastics from (waste)water

Wasser 3.0 remove is the ecological and economical alternative to installation-, maintenance-, energy- and resource-intensive (filtration) processes.

With Wasser 3.0 PE-X® we have developed a modular, adaptive, and scalable material-technology composition to meet the increasing complexity of pollution scenarios with efficient solutions.

Our low-tech plants and filter-free processes perform significantly better than the competition in all parameters. They can be implemented cost-effectively, not only in central wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), but also along the plastics value chain as a precautionary measure to prevent the transfer of plastics from processes into the environment and reduce microplastic concentrations. In addition to primary and secondary microplastics, we are targeting a previously unaddressed field. We offer solutions for microplastic-free production.

Microplastic removal using Clump & Skim Technology

With Wasser 3.0 PE-X® we have developed the first filter-free process solution for the fast, efficient, and cost-effective removal of microplastics and other pollutant classes from different types of water.

Based on the principle of agglomeration-fixation (in short: clump & skim) and by precisely matching materials and technology to the process in question, all microplastic particles are clumped together to form particle aggregates - regardless of polymer or water type.

Coarse-pored separation units are used to remove  the formed agglomerates. This saves both costs and immense maintenance effort, which increases continuously with decreasing particle size.

Upon customer request, tailor-made solutions are developed, adapted to the composition of the wastewater and the (legal) requirements for discharge into the wastewater system.

The goal is to reduce the overall pollutant load in the wastewater, especially microplastics, micropollutants and COD, and to improve the overall sustainability of the processes without incurring high energy requirements, costs, and maintenance efforts.

Your path to sustainable processes leads to more water without microplastics:

Step by step to an efficient, cost-effective solution for water without microplastics | © Wasser 3.0

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17. June 2024

Our understanding of water

Get up in the morning, drink a glass of tap water, make coffee or tea, take a quick shower, brush your teeth, do your laundry, cook and so on. We need water - for everything. Water is a fundamental and natural part of our lives. Without clean water, we cannot live, we cannot survive. But the image of crystal clear water is becoming clouded. More and more pollutants, more bad news. How should we deal with water as the basis of life in the future?
16. April 2024

EU Urban Wastewater Directive adopted in April

The EU Urban Wastewater Directive (UWWTD for short) was adopted by the European Parliament at the beginning of April 2024. Among other things, it aims to remove microplastics and micropollutants from our wastewater and increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants in a cost-effective manner. The keywords here are also: Resource conservation, water quality, circular economy, energy efficiency and sustainability. But what is the roadmap for this? We have taken the Wasser 3.0 perspective.
8. April 2024

Our blog about water without microplastics

We want to stop the uncontrolled pollution of our water with microplastics and micropollutants. In our blog posts, we describe step by step why it is high time to do so and how we want to achieve this. We focus on current information and always keep an eye on the latest opinions and curiosities.