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Process optimization for unsolved challenges in (waste)water treatment

The way to clean water is data-based 

Unsolved challenges are not a knockout, but a starting point. The data collected through our systematic water and process analysis form the basis for the concrete steps to optimize your process. These can be:

  • Removal of microplastics and/or micropollutants from industrial or municipal wastewater with Wasser 3.0 PE-X®
  • Consultancy on appropriate measures for clean water regardless of our technology. This is possible because, as a non-profit company, we are not committed to our technology, but work in an interdisciplinary way for waters without microplastics and micropollutants.
  • Responsible research projects on unsolved challenges in (waste)water treatment and circular economy.

We have everything in our focus: People, Planet & Profit

We combine scientifically-based data collection and evaluation with our expertise in technology, plant construction and sustainability to develop solutions that are convincing on an ecological, social and economic level. Process optimization and increase in efficiency do not have to go hand in hand with an increase in costs.

With our approaches and concepts, we have already redesigned many processes in a cost-efficient manner - thanks to a reduction in the use of resources and maintenance costs.

This is also confirmed by the certification of our Wasser 3.0 PE-X® technology with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label and the Aquatech Innovation Award in the category Green Chemicals for Water.

Let's start working with Wasser 3.0 detect | remove | reuse and set new standards for environmental and health protection in wastewater treatment!

Convincing step by step with reproducible, scalable and adaptable processes

Our solutions are not available off the peg. 'One size fits all' brings little efficiency and sustainability in wastewater treatment. Flexible adaptability, tailored modularity and data-based process control make the difference.

In order to do justice to the diversity and complexity of the pollution scenarios, water characteristics and process goals in the best possible way, we adapt our technology individually and precisely to your requirements.

This takes place in our Test Center, where we have various pilot plant reactors at our disposal. You then have the opportunity to test our technology on site using a rental model.