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Microplastics Service Lab: Analysis and process monitoring for municipal and industrial wastewater

Thanks to our many years of research and development work in microplastic detection, we can quickly and easily analyze microplastic pollution in water in our own service lab.

We have developed a standard method specifically for the analysis of microplastic pollution in industrial and municipal wastewater, with which we carry out and evaluate samples in a reproducible manner.

In feasibility studies, piloting and implementation of our removal technology for microplastics, you also benefit from the possibilities of our service lab to monitor processes and determine removal efficiencies in an uncomplicated and cost-effective way.

We already rely on standard analytics today

Although there is still no DIN standard for the detection of microplastics in environmental water samples, different methods are already being used. However, to-date no analytical method has been cross-evaluated in different waters or for different load scenarios over a longer test period.

Our Wasser 3.0 detect method has been tried and tested over many years and is internally standardized to close this gap. We have large data sets from multiple samples of industrial and municipal wastewater as well as of permanent process controls of our removal technology.

With this approach we create reproducible and comparable data. They are crucial to tackling the global environmental problem of microplastics in a responsible, solution-oriented and impactful manner. Because real changemakers know what they do why they do it.

For us, everything starts with the first step - the detection of microplastics and the analysis of the actual state of the water.