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Technical scale and pilot plants for (waste)water treatment

The focus of the work is the Wasser 3.0 strategy detect | remove | reuse with holistic solutions for dealing with microplastics and micropollutants in various waters.

  • Our pilot systems are modular, adaptable and scalable.
  • They allow the greatest possible flexibility regarding the type and concentration of pollution and water type.
  • Our solutions are implemented as individual solutions or as add-ons to existing systems.
  • We work resource and cost-oriented based on existing processes and existing infrastructure.


We research for clean water without microplastics and micropollutants.

The path to clean water begins with a feasibility study in one of our pilot plants. The starting point is our innovative material and technology solutions for removing microplastics and micropollutants from various types of water. We put our know-how into tailor-made solution research for the specific problem. We achieve the greatest possible variability through the modular structure of our systems and through the material science work on the right material compositions, we achieve the corresponding ability to act.

Regardless of the type of water and the types of load and load concentrations, we work our way up to the current state step by step to tailor-made solutions. The start of our research work includes, in addition to recording the question, a scientifically based evaluation of the data already available on the process. After this detailed data analysis on the current situation, we develop a sustainable solution and implementation concept. Our goals are stable, resource-efficient, and low-tech based processes with a positive impact on people and the environment.

Your way to clean water

Our research work on the purification of different types of water is scientifically well documented and supported by our educational and communication work. In addition to feasibility studies and pilot systems for the removal of microplastics and micropollutants, we would be happy to come to you to present our work in lectures. Please do not hesitate to contact us.