Responsible research needs innovative project ideas, solution concepts and the right network partners.


In 2012, the then junior professor Dr. Katrin Schuhen for Organic and Ecological Chemistry resumed her scientific work in the university environment after completing her dissertation in 2007 and then working in the private sector for several years.

Since then, innovative solutions for the removal and detection of micropollutants and microplastics from water have been and are being researched in numerous research projects with networks partners.
We do research on the topics of:
Water, water purification, protection of the vital resource water, circular economy, and digitization.

Some projects have already been and are currently being implemented with network partners from science and industry. However, we are always looking for new approaches and impulses. And we ourselves have a lot of ideas that we think are promising.

Our focus is on the continuous expansion of our network. In the interests of our environment, we rely on solution-oriented dialogue and joint learning between different disciplines, partners and stakeholders. Regardless of whether we start projects in the fields of research or education, transparent communication is always a central aspect of our work.
You can find more about this in our publications.

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