Education to protect our water from microplastics and micropollutants

New educational formats for school, education and study.
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We are a member of the

National Pact for Women in STEM


Decision makers from business, science, associations, politics and media work under the slogan " Komm, mach MINT " in a

network formation to win girls and young women for careers in science and technology


Education for sustainable development


the idea of sustainability in all areas of education creates the basis for making sustainable thinking and acting a reality in a broad sense


Participation, global thinking and acting, networked knowledge and design competence are the cornerstones.

Our educational formats are based on mutual levels of action

. Human action initially has an impact in the private sphere, also has consequences in the

social and political environment

and is ultimately integrated into global points of action.

Our goals

Impressions of our educational work

Wasser 3.0 bookED: The water cycle in digital format

Independent experimentation, the use of explanatory animations and the installation of digital media, especially for schoolchildren, come to the fore among the many new possibilities to make teaching and learning in the natural and environmental sciences exciting and vivid.

bookED's aim is to involve pupils, teachers, university lecturers and students of the teaching office in the development of new digital learning materials in a unique project.

The didactic differentiation and elaboration are carried out by cooperating teachers, since they know the day-to-day business.

Wasser 3.0 NUT Caching: Learning adventure wastewater treatment plant

NUT Caching describes a new form of interdisciplinary knowledge transfer that combines the learning subjects of natural sciences, environmental sciences and technology. In our lighthouse project on the topic of wastewater treatment, at Wasser 3.0 we have put together interactive content and course processes that are made available to a broad audience for the holistic on-site teaching / learning experience together with the waste disposal and commercial enterprises of the city of Landau (EWL) .

The focus is on context-sensitive awareness and related knowledge transfer. The location-based knowledge transfer experience is developed so that it e.g. can be transferred to all municipal sewage treatment plants but also to most wastewater treatment processes (sustainability).

In various thinking, factual, documentation, communication and experimentation tasks that are solved interactively in a certain time window, we want to create sustainable experience learning and communicate more about water and Wasser 3.0 through playful learning and sensitization.