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Project Team WASoMI and outlook on WASoMI Lab


Schools are an ideal place to provide impetus for sustainable action. That's why we bring our expertise on microplastics and our commitment to environmental protection into the classroom. We are convinced that together with teachers and students we can achieve much more for waters without microplastics (in German WASser ohne MIkroplastik WASoMI).

In June 2021, supported by a generous grant from the players of Deutsche Postcode Lotterie, we launched our pilot project and built the digital-real education space WASoMI. This is the groundwork to interactively connect research, technology and education in the future. Knowledge transfer meets impact. And vice versa.


Team WASoMI are specifically developed learning modules for use in secondary schools. They take up contents of the education space and WASoMi Lab in a didactically prepared and contextualized way. Learning success is achieved in particular when content is first comprehensively understood, then practically processed, and findings documented and reflected upon. This is the order in which transformative education unfolds its potential. It is therefore also the basis of the learning modules. In addition, the learning environment is detached from the pure classroom environment; both virtual worlds and outdoor environments become new places of knowledge transfer and learning for the students.

Within Team WASoMI, a community is be created in which classes can exchange their experiences, findings and ideas about microplastics.

This area is currently in the beta-test phase.


Within the digital-real education space, there will be a separate lab, also digital-real. It is the direct connection to our research for waters without microplastics. The experiments are based on our innovations for the detection and removal of microplastics from water and its subsequent reuse.

In the WASoMI Lab, it will be possible to conduct experiments around microplastics, to observe and discuss. The experiments can be carried out independently in the classroom following instructions. It will also be possible to experience the experiments via videos.

For WASoMI Lab we are currently seeking donations, sponsors and partners. In case of interest, please contact us. 

Our WASoMI vision

We see WASoMI being used in schools, environmental protection organizations and by interested citizens. WASoMI is currently available in German, with translation into other languages planned.

Our very big vision: The (standardized) data collection by participants in Team WASoMI with our specially developed analysis kit results in a Global Map of Microplastics, which documents the microplastic pollution of worldwide waters (with comparable data).