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Sustainability Upgrade for industries and (waste-)water treatment processes

Our Microplastic-free Production enables you to set new standards in your processes. We then call it a Sustainability Upgrade. Together with you, we develop modular and adaptive solutions for waters without microplastics and micropollutants. By doing so, we also deliver savings in energy, CO2, water, waste as well as in operating and maintenance costs. With this multidimensional approach of the Microplastic-free Production, you not only make measurable contributions to achieving the UN sustainability goals, you also act today towards the requirements and regulations of tomorrow.

Our five steps towards your Sustainability Upgrade

  • Contact: Challenge. Solution. Cooperation.
  • Basics: Data collection. Systemic analysis. Goal definition.
  • Tailoring materials and low-cost plants: Economically. Individual. Resource conservation.
  • In-house trials: Learning. Adaption. Optimization.
  • Continuous operation: Cost-reduction. Savings in Water, Energy, CO2. Microplastic-free production.


This could be your result - reference from paper industry (swipe to see the data)

Water reuse is our main goalBis zu 90% Wasser reuse - Up to 90% water reuse is possible.ist möglich.
Chemical reuse is an economic driverBis zu 90% eingesetzter Chemikalien können wiederverwertet werden - Up to 90% of the chemicals used can be reused
Waste as a resource. We close the loop.Bis zu 100 % der Abfälle werden wiederverwertet. - Up to 100% of the waste is reused.
Energy is a cost driver. We reduce the overall energy demand up to 50%.Durch Prozessintelligenz sparen wir 50 % des Energiebedarfs. - Through process intelligence we save 50% of the energy requirement.
We reduce the microplastics footprint.95 % Reduktion an Mikroplastik wird mit Wasser 3.0 PE-X erhalten-95% reduction in microplastics is obtained with Wasser 3.0 PE-X
CO2 Footprint ReduktionReduktion des Fußabdrucks um 50%