Responsible research

Environmental protection - right in the middle instead of just being there.
We think about the end from the beginning.

Sustainable and future-proof.

Responsible research

With responsible research, we face up to our responsibility to always consider the effects of our activities on society and the environment.

Transparency and dialogue are an important part of our work.

We operate internationally. We develop sustainability strategies gradually and adaptively at local, regional, national and global levels.

Our research projects

In a dynamic process, Wasser 3.0 networks participating partners so that the innovation potential results in joint objectives and sustainable projects.
The large variety of diverse loads in our water requires adaptable solutions.
The key lies in the research of precisely fitting material-technology combinations.


Our world is changing faster than ever before. Sustainability has become an issue for us all.

The challenges are global, interconnected and increasingly urgent. In order to become sustainable, we need a sense of responsibility. This awareness guides our actions.

Sustainable initiatives

The overall goal for Wasser 3.0 is clean water - worldwide. This goal is our vision and mission.

With every project, we want to make our contribution to creating measurable positive effects on our lives.

For a better society. For a healthier environment.

Wasser 3.0 combines independent research for the environment and society

Become part of our vision and mission!