Responsible research on water without microplastics and micropollutants

Application-oriented, sustainable and versatile.

If we talk about research, we always act responsibly for people and the environment


team of the Wasser 3.0 non-profit GmbH

provides scientific figures, data and facts for the removal of microplastics and micropollutants from various waters, has market-ready solutions and countless new ideas for new applications.

With responsible research, we face up to our responsibility to always take into account the effects of our activities on society and the environment.

Our marketing consists of transparent communication, educational work and dialogue


Wasser 3.0 makes a direct contribution to the achievement of the United Nations' sustainability goals.

The combination of scientific know-how and the drive to innovate provide solutions to detect and remove microplastics and micropollutants in water.
We ensure that microplastics and micropollutants do not spread uncontrollably in the oceans by installing solutions in coastal areas, ports and aquacultures.
We rely on environmentally friendly, holistic and highly efficient low-tech solutions as well as innovations in the detection of pollutants and in digitization.
Using highly efficient low-tech solutions and integrated reuse concepts, less energy is used, and less CO2 is emitted.
We work resource-efficiently and across value chains. Through our educational and awareness raising campaigns we encourage behavioral change of consumers and citizens for responsible consumption.
For the mutual achievement of goals, we rely on partnerships with actors from science, industry and civil society.

We work in application-oriented and scientifically-based projects - for the environment and society.

In a dynamic process,

Wasser 3.0 networks participating partners so that the innovation potential flows into common goals and sustainable


At Wasser 3.0 we solve global environmental problems through fact-based, scientifically-founded application focus.

Our goal is to obtain a

low-tech solution

, that is

resource-efficient, cost-efficient, modular, adaptable and, above all, works in all waters.

At our non-profit company, our most important customers are our planet and the people who live on it.


Reduction of Complexity - With three concepts to clean water.