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Research Project AOP plus: Advanced Oxidation Process meets Elimination of Microplastics

A promising approach for the removal of micropollutants from wastewater

In recent years, ever-increasing concentrations of harmful chemicals have been identified in wastewaters released into the environment. These chemicals are hazardous to both humans and aquatic biota. There is an urgent need to treat wastewater contaminated with toxic pollutants with appropriate treatment options.

In addition to activated carbon treatment, innovative technologies for oxidation of organic pollutants are proving promising. They are based on in-situ generation of strong oxidants such as hydroxyl and sulfate radicals.

Advanced oxidation processes (AOP) are an attractive and inexpensive way to effectively remove dissolved organic pollutants - so-called micropollutants - from wastewater. They are known to bridge the gap between treatability by traditional physicochemical and biological processes.

Some of the AOPs combine ozone and UV irradiation for better treatment efficiency. These AOP technologies are already established processes for drinking water treatment and water reuse. Several other AOPs such as electrochemical treatment, use of electron beams, plasma and microwaves, and ultrasound-related processes are under development and evaluation.

Advanox™ + MicrOx™ process meets Wasser 3.0 PE-X®

In a research project launched in October 2021, an innovative AOP process is now being tested at the wastewater treatment plant of Entsorgungs- und Wirtschaftsbetriebe Landau in addition to the processes of Wasser 3.0.

The Advanox™ + MicrOx™ process combines UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide to effectively remove persistent micropollutants such as drug residues, pesticides, cyanide, x-ray contrast agents and any other complex organic pollutants. It is a clean technology without harmful by-products. The Advanox™ + MicrOx™ process is the result of the successful cooperation between Van Remmen UV Technology and Nouryon.

Van Remmen UV Technology and Nouryon together with collaboration partners abcr GmbH and Wasser 3.0 will combine the Advanox™ + MicrOx™ process with Wasser 3.0's microplastics and micropollutant removal in the coming months. Options will be evaluated and the processes analyzed comparatively.

The aim of the joint project in Landau is to develop a solution for small and medium-sized wastewater treatment plants that delivers complete pollutant removal and a viable alternative to existing - often cost-intensive and inefficient - processes.