17. February 2023

News about Micropastics Detection

The detection of microplastics is of crucial importance when it comes to assessing the risk potential and the entry routes of microplastics into the environment. A standardized detection method is therefore essential to collect comparable and reliable data on microplastic pollution and to identify hotspots. This blog gives an overview of our current study and the most important results.
10. November 2021

REC-MP started

Thanks to the generous support of the Vector Foundation, we were able to start our new research project to develop a rapid test for microplastic detection in water bodies at the beginning of November. Simpler, faster and cheaper is again our motto. Because our application-oriented research has only one goal: impact.
25. April 2021

A strategy against microplastics: detect | remove | reuse

Our holistic strategy for dealing with microplastics and micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, PFAS and heavy metals in water is called detect | remove | reuse. In this article, we describe what lies behind it and the extent to which it opens up new ways for water treatment.