30. May 2023

Partner in Mission: Van Remmen UV Technology

Responsible research for water without microplastics and micropollutants is part of our DNA. Since October 2021, we have been researching a combination of the AOP processes from our cooperation partner Van Remmen UV Technology and our processes around Wasser 3.0 PE-X® at the Landau wastewater treatment plant. The combination will open new perspectives for a 4th treatment stage in wastewater treatment . How? Read more.
21. April 2023

Partner in Mission: Sondermaschinen Oschersleben

With pilot plants and rental systems for industrial and municipal (waste) water processes, we deliver effective solutions for water without microplastics together with innovative materials. We do this together with our plant manufacturer and current partner in mission – the Sondermaschinen Oschersleben GmbH.
4. April 2023

Partner in Mission: Carl Roth GmbH + CO. KG

Responsible research for water without microplastics and micropollutants is our top priority. Maintaining high-quality standards in all areas of our daily research work plays an important role. The basis for ensuring these quality specifications is our own research laboratory and the laboratory equipment required for this purpose. We therefore obtain an extensive range of high-quality products from our partner Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG from Karlsruhe. More about this in today's blog post.
29. March 2023

Partner in Mission: Zurich Group Germany

In 2021, the Planet Hero Awards for innovative sustainability projects were presented for the first time by the Zurich Group Germany and we were also among the award winners. Now, almost 2 years of cooperative action with the Zurich Group Germany have passed. It’s time to learn more about this Partner in Mission – What has happened so far and what can happen in the future.
30. June 2022

Partner in Mission abcr

In this blog post we have the honour to present the partner in mission without whom Wasser 3.0 would not be Wasser 3.0. abcr GmbH has been by our side since our first attempts at water treatment with hybrid silica gels. In many projects we have been able to combine our know-how, our drive and our visions and open up completely new paths.
16. April 2022

New series Partners in Mission starts

On our mission for waters without microplastics and micropollutants one thing is clear: It is all about joint actions! Fortunately, we already have a number of people, companies and organizations at our side who support us in a number of ways. They are the focus of our Partners in Mission blog series. We look forward to presenting them in loos order in the near future. In this post, we describe why they are so important to us.