30. May 2023

Partner in Mission: Van Remmen UV Technology

Responsible research for water without microplastics and micropollutants is part of our DNA. Since October 2021, we have been researching a combination of the AOP processes from our cooperation partner Van Remmen UV Technology and our processes around Wasser 3.0 PE-X® at the Landau wastewater treatment plant. The combination will open new perspectives for a 4th treatment stage in wastewater treatment . How? Read more.
22. February 2023

Partners in Mission: Nordic Water

With Nordic Water GmbH from Neuss, we were able to gain a strong cooperation partner for our pilot project at the Landau-Mörlheim sewage treatment plant, which supported us with technical components. You can find out in our blog how we approached the cooperation for water without microplastics and micropollutants and what results we were able to achieve.
26. January 2023

EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive

The EU directive on urban wastewater (Council Directive 91/271/EEC) is decisive for the control and prevention of pollution. Although it has led to improvements in water quality across Europe since its introduction in 1991, a lot of pollution is still not restricted or regulated, e.g. Micropollutants and microplastics. Therefore, at the end of 2022, the EU published a proposal for a revised directive on the treatment of urban wastewater. More about this in the blog.
24. August 2022

Open House for water without microplastics

Together with our cooperation partners, we provide insights into our innovations for the detection and removal of microplastics and micropollutants. Save your place now.
5. March 2022

We are on our way to Cologne to FILTECH

When the doors of the trade fair in Cologne open next Tuesday, March 8th, we will be part of FILTECH and right in the middle of it all: With the 3D model of one of our systems, the Innovation Forum Stop Microplastics Pollution, the keynote by Dr . Katrin Schuhen "Closing the gaps: How to stop microplastics pollution" and a lecture about our technology.
21. February 2022

Wasser 3.0 curates Innovation Forum at FILTECH 2022

FILTECH, the international exhibiton and conference for the filtration and separation of all types of media, will take place from 8 to 10 March in Cologne. We will be there as exhibitors and as curators of the Innovation Forum Stop Microplastics Pollution!
19. January 2022

Sustainable Blue Economy

Ocean conservation and Blue Economy should go hand in hand in a sustainable Blue Economy. Where does ocean protection start in a sustainable Blue Economy? Sometimes very far from the nearest coast, right here.
19. November 2021

Planet Hero Award

For the first time, Zurich Gruppe Deutschland has honored innovative sustainability projects with the Planet Hero Award. We had the honour of receiving one of the coveted trophies on Wednesday evening in Cologne - as the winner in the field of ocean and water protection!
12. November 2021

Aquatech Innovation Award & a pitch in a boxing ring

The Aquatech Innovation Awards recognize world-class innovations and technologies that have the potential to advance the global water market. We are the winner in the Green Chemicals for Water category! What followed just a short time later in The Hague was an experience of a special kind. Katrin Schuhen found herself in the final of the Get in the Ring - Impact startup competition - in a boxing ring.