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Workshops and lectures on water, microplastics and much more

Lectures, training & workshops

We are an interdisciplinary team with more than 15 years of experience in natural and environmental sciences, wastewater technology, innovation management, organizational development and communication. Some areas are particularly important to us - those which are particularly important for waters without microplastics and microplastics. This also includes business models and forms of organization that create a sustainable approach to people and the environment.

We offer lectures, trainings and workshops in these areas:

  • Microplastics, micropollutants and other organic and inorganic contaminants in the water cycle;
  • Water treatment challenges and technologies in the 21st century;
  • Design of organization and business model taking into account the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit (green tech meets social business);
  • Sustainability, circular economy, ESG, SDG, impact measurement and other transformation concepts from the perspective of a sustainability entrepreneur.

Our unique offer: Sustainability Upgrading Workshops

Process optimization and its synergies for a sustainable corporate strategy

There are already specific legal requirements for more climate and environmental protection in companies. In addition, there are quite specific requirements that are placed on companies by the state of our climate and our environment. Clients´ needs and employee loyalty must also be reconciled with climate and environmental protection.

  • What do the terms sustainability, circular economy, ESG, SDG mean for your company? Let's take a closer look together and outline your path.
  • Where are your big levers? Where are the 'low hanging fruits'?
  • Where can synergies be found between climate protection measures and water treatment?
  • Which laws for the regulation of microplastics and wastewater are emerging?
  • What is the role of the innovation department, quality management, CRS, HSE and management?
  • What needs do your clients and cooperation partners have?
  • And what does it have to do with New Work, Employer Branding and Talent Management?

In our Sustainability Upgrading Workshops, we develop your individual path to the future together: strategic (re)orientation, supporting measures and evaluation.

Depending on your goals, we work in the role of initiator, innovator, moderator, networker, researcher, developer, mediator, trainer and coach.

At team, division, or company level. In organizations, institutions and networks. As part of events.

Our approach is always solution-oriented, pragmatic and empathetic.