13. May 2021

Next hurdle taken – we are among the TOP 20

We made it and reached the TOP 20 at the Blue Tulip Awards. The journey continues.
25. April 2021

A strategy against microplastics: detect | remove | reuse

Our holistic strategy for dealing with microplastics and micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, PFAS and heavy metals in water is called detect | remove | reuse. In this article, we describe what lies behind it and the extent to which it opens up new ways for water treatment.
24. February 2021

Global Meetup

We need your vote for waters without microplastics and micropollutants. It starts immediately. We are grateful for every supporting voter to increase visibility and impact for clean water.
17. February 2021

Microplastic detection (4/4)

We consider Wasser 3.0 detect to be extremely suitable for raising efficiency and sustainability in all (waste) water purification processes that contain microplastic pollution to a new level. More in this part of our mini-series on microplastic detection.
14. February 2021

Microplastic detection (3/4)

We need a standardized detection for microplastics in our environment, especially in our waters. How we proceed in this field, could be read in our latest blog.
6. February 2021

Microplastic detection (2/4)

With Wasser 3.0 detect, we have developed an easy-to-use, fast and inexpensive method for the detection of microplastics in water in the last few months. Find out more in this blog post.
4. February 2021

Microplastic detection (1/4)

The detection of microplastics is highly complex and not standardized. In a 4-part blog series, we describe the problems this entails and how solutions might look like. Why we have now developed our own method is the topic in this first part.
20. January 2021

How dangerous are microplastics?

In the last week our microplastic experts Maxi and Charlie reported on the definition and different types of microplastics. Today they want to tell you where microplastics can be found all around you, what effects it can have on you and what you can do about it.
13. January 2021

Do I want to eat microplastics?

Microplastics is a topic that everyone should be concerned with. Not only do we find it, but also our intern Annika and has written an introduction to the topic of microplastics for our blog for water without microplastics and micropollutants. Also in the party - Maxi and Charlie.