In the reuse area, we develop recycling concepts and applications for our microplastic removal products.

Produce, consume, throw away - this form of economic activity proves to be a one-way street. The traditional linear economy is not compatible with the current global challenges and does not do justice to the efforts to preserve our planet.

Society, science, politics and business must find a responsible way of dealing with our limited resources and make the cycle the new guiding principle: reuse is one option.

Waste, including waste from our removal processes, is recyclable. In our research area reuse, we examine how these valuable residues get back into the value chain.

Our circular economy strategy within our non-profit GmbH differentiates us from all competitors and forms our unique selling point (USP) in the field of microplastics.

Right from the start of our research projects, we think about the end and this also means that we identify recycling concepts for removal products. Thermal combustion is the means to an end when you run out of new ideas.

We have a lot of ideas, mostly solutions too.

Thanks to our expertise in all relevant areas, we can achieve the highest level of efficiency and process control across the value chain and protect the environment sustainably,

Our research area reuse is a future project for society as a whole. In a joint effort, the world could change in the long term and become an environmentally and climate-friendly, healthier and cleaner place.

In our reuse research area, we work with innovative partners who work with us to find and research new product applications for our microplastic removal products. Plastics, plastic waste, and microplastics are key to solving many of the pressing challenges humanity faces. Closing the cycle makes microplastic removal more visible and sustainable.