13. December 2020

What is the state of our waters? An introduction with an outlook.

Our lakes and rivers, our ocean and our groundwater are in many places not in a good condition. More concretely: In health-threatening conditions for all life that comes into contact with it. All over the world, people suffer from too much or too little water. We dare to start.
8. December 2020

We are one of the 18 Innovators for the Future 2020!

Wow! We are overwhelmed! Out of almost 600 applications from 92 countries, Water 3.0 was selected as a solution-oriented and value-based contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainability Goals.
1. December 2020

Drum roll… Dance of joy…

We made it. We won the German final of Get in the Ring - Impact! Many thanks to all of you, who voted for us in the last days and showed their support! This is great feedback for us.
30. November 2020

Question about our understanding of impact investment

Tomorrow we are going to be in the final of Get in the Ring - Impact! During the battles to reach the grand final next year in The Hague, the question keeps coming up how Impact Investment and a non-profit organization like ours can fit. In this blog post we write about our thoughts and attitudes towards Impact Investment for water without microplastics and micropollutants.
29. November 2020

The ocean and our health

The ocean, its condition, and its relevance for human health are in the center of the 1st International Symposium on Human Health and the Ocean on 2 and 3 December. Online - free of charge - open for all.
21. November 2020

Michael Sturm at MICRO 2020 conference

Next week we will be at the MICRO 2020 with two presentations. Michael Sturm will present our method for the removal of microplastics from waters and our approach for the detection of microplastics with new fluorescent markers.
19. November 2020

Get in the Ring Berlin 2020

We are among the 18 German impact startups selected for deal-making meetings of Get in the Ring of corporate scaling partners and investors. AND NOW IT'S YOUR TURN. The voting for the category "Impact runs until 26.11.2020.
16. November 2020

What types of water are there?!

Fresh water, seawater, groundwater, surface water, drinking water, process water - to name just a few types of water. In our new blog post, we describe why we prefer to talk about waters, not water.
10. November 2020

Water without microplastics and micropollutants

We want to stop the uncontrolled pollution of our waters with microplastics and micropollutants. Why it is high time to act and how we want to achieve it, we now describe scientifically based and step by step in our blog - for water without microplastics and micropollutants.