5. August 2021

Educational Project Team WASoMI started

The Deutsche Postcode Lotterie funds our interactive educational project Team WASoMI with 70.000 EUR! We cordially thank the participants of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie, its advisory board and charity department for this great support - and get started! More about our project and goals...
29. July 2021

STOP Microplastics Pollution! Innovation Forum

When everything is about filtration and separation again at the next FILTECH from March 8 to 10, 2022, the spotlight will also be on market-ready innovations for the detection and removal of microplastics from air, soil and water. Ready to join?!
10. July 2021

Microplastics in sea salt

Recently, we had the opportunity to take a closer look at the microplastic load of sea salt produced on Java and the methods used for this. So this blog post is about how microplastics end up on our plates with sea salt, including solutions to avoid this.
14. June 2021

Marine Littering – virtual free seminar

On June 15, this virtual & free seminar will give an insight into current research and initiatives that aim to reduce and prevent plastic waste in our oceans. Katrin Schuhen will give a presentation on how we can contribute to this.
10. June 2021

Virtual Microplastics, Microplastics Footprint und Microplastic-Free Production

We have once again looked at the definitions and terms surrounding microplastics and our work with them and feel it is time for a few additions.
18. May 2021

German Innovation Award

Innovations that shape the future and improve life are considered the flagship of the German Innovation Award. This year´s award goes to Wasser 3.0 gGmbH - in gold!
13. May 2021

Next hurdle taken – we are among the TOP 20

We made it and reached the TOP 20 at the Blue Tulip Awards. The journey continues.
25. April 2021

A strategy against microplastics: detect | remove | reuse

Our holistic strategy for dealing with microplastics and micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, PFAS and heavy metals in water is called detect | remove | reuse. In this article, we describe what lies behind it and the extent to which it opens up new ways for water treatment.
19. April 2021

Impact Connect with Wasser 3.0

Next Friday, 23.04.2021, the IMPACT CONNECT will take place - starting at 14.00 in the virtual room. What is behind it and where you can find us - answers in our blog.