19. January 2022

Sustainable Blue Economy

Ocean conservation and Blue Economy should go hand in hand in a sustainable Blue Economy. Where does ocean protection start in a sustainable Blue Economy? Sometimes very far from the nearest coast, right here.
10. December 2021

And the Next Economy Award goes to…

A great honor and award for the team of Wasser 3.0 at the end of the year. At this year's presentation of the German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis) in Duesseldorf, we received one of the very coveted Next Economy Awards in the category resource and environmental protection.
19. November 2021

Planet Hero Award

For the first time, Zurich Gruppe Deutschland has honored innovative sustainability projects with the Planet Hero Award. We had the honour of receiving one of the coveted trophies on Wednesday evening in Cologne - as the winner in the field of ocean and water protection!
12. November 2021

Aquatech Innovation Award & a pitch in a boxing ring

The Aquatech Innovation Awards recognize world-class innovations and technologies that have the potential to advance the global water market. We are the winner in the Green Chemicals for Water category! What followed just a short time later in The Hague was an experience of a special kind. Katrin Schuhen found herself in the final of the Get in the Ring - Impact startup competition - in a boxing ring.
10. November 2021

REC-MP started

Thanks to the generous support of the Vector Foundation, we were able to start our new research project to develop a rapid test for microplastic detection in water bodies at the beginning of November. Simpler, faster and cheaper is again our motto. Because our application-oriented research has only one goal: impact.
22. October 2021

On the road in the Netherlands

The first week of November, the Wasser 3.0 team is on the road in the Netherlands. Where could we feel more at home than in the country where innovation and water say 'good morning', so to speak. And feel good we do already very much: Because in our luggage is the incredible nomination for the Aquatech Innovation Award and the hard-fought ticket to the European finals of Get in the Ring - Impact.
29. September 2021

Microplastics, Green Deal and regulations

On October 5, Katrin Schuhen is live at the event R(H)EINE LIEBE: WIE BEKÄMPFEN WIR (MIKRO)PLASTIK IN DER EU? She will provide insights into our work and, as a PhD polymer chemist and microplastics expert, will be available for questions and discussion. We are particularly excited about the political aspects in this exchange, we have only recently dealt intensively with laws and regulations on microplastics. We summarized our findings in an article published last week. More...
23. September 2021

Wasser Tres Punto Cero

Why our Wasser 3.0 video is now also available in Spanish and how money and the common good (must, can, should) come together ....
22. September 2021

She Loves Tech

After the summer break we are back in competition mode. Next week we will pitch at She Loves Tech. It is getting existing...