30. June 2022

Partner in Mission abcr

In this blog post we have the honour to present the partner in mission without whom Wasser 3.0 would not be Wasser 3.0. abcr GmbH has been by our side since our first attempts at water treatment with hybrid silica gels. In many projects we have been able to combine our know-how, our drive and our visions and open up completely new paths.
4. May 2022

Education space WASoMI is online

How do polymers turn into plastic products, plastic waste or microplastics? What is the difference between primary and secondary microplastics? When was polyethylene invented? And what are elastomers? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in our new digital-real education space for waters without microplastics WASoMI (in German WASser ohne MIkroplastik = WASoMI) - open to everyone, free of charge and without advertising.
16. April 2022

New series Partners in Mission starts

On our mission for waters without microplastics and micropollutants one thing is clear: It is all about joint actions! Fortunately, we already have a number of people, companies and organizations at our side who support us in a number of ways. They are the focus of our Partners in Mission blog series. We look forward to presenting them in loos order in the near future. In this post, we describe why they are so important to us.
21. February 2022

Wasser 3.0 curates Innovation Forum at FILTECH 2022

FILTECH, the international exhibiton and conference for the filtration and separation of all types of media, will take place from 8 to 10 March in Cologne. We will be there as exhibitors and as curators of the Innovation Forum Stop Microplastics Pollution!
10. December 2021

And the Next Economy Award goes to…

A great honor and award for the team of Wasser 3.0 at the end of the year. At this year's presentation of the German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis) in Duesseldorf, we received one of the very coveted Next Economy Awards in the category resource and environmental protection.
12. November 2021

Aquatech Innovation Award & a pitch in a boxing ring

The Aquatech Innovation Awards recognize world-class innovations and technologies that have the potential to advance the global water market. We are the winner in the Green Chemicals for Water category! What followed just a short time later in The Hague was an experience of a special kind. Katrin Schuhen found herself in the final of the Get in the Ring - Impact startup competition - in a boxing ring.
10. November 2021

REC-MP started

Thanks to the generous support of the Vector Foundation, we were able to start our new research project to develop a rapid test for microplastic detection in water bodies at the beginning of November. Simpler, faster and cheaper is again our motto. Because our application-oriented research has only one goal: impact.
22. October 2021

On the road in the Netherlands

The first week of November, the Wasser 3.0 team is on the road in the Netherlands. Where could we feel more at home than in the country where innovation and water say 'good morning', so to speak. And feel good we do already very much: Because in our luggage is the incredible nomination for the Aquatech Innovation Award and the hard-fought ticket to the European finals of Get in the Ring - Impact.